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Gaining competitive advantage through effective supplier management at Norland


Rachel Lee, Group Procurement Director, for Norland Managed Services speaks with Proxima about leveraging supplier relationships to create a competitive advantage.

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The realization of Corporate Virtualization


Jon Hansen, Editor for Procurement Insights talks with Proxima about the trend of Corporate Virtualization, and it's impact on business.

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Demand driven models at Alcon Novartis

Proxima image; Alcon Novartis logo

Vipin Rikhi, Finance Director, Business Planning Analysis for Alcon Novartis, talks with Proxima about demand driven procurement models and their impact on the business.

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Risks and rewards at Coventry Building Society

Proxima interview; Coventry Building Society

Feike Brouwers, Chief Risk Officer for Coventry Building Society, discusses the challenges behind running a successful risk function in a constantly evolving business environment.

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Mending a fragmented function. Colt Technology discuss how they repaired a disjointed procurement unit

Proxima image; Colt

Grahame Ball, Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer for Colt Technology Services Group, discusses the challenges behind re-building a fractured procurement function to support increasingly dynamic business demands.

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The alignment of the procurement function to the wider corporate aims: Vodafone's Stephen Day talks with Proxima

Proxima image; Vodafone logo

Stephen Day, Group Supply Chain Management Director – IT at Vodafone, and Proxima discuss the importance of procurement to the wider business strategy; and the pros and cons of outsourcing, particularly in the area of procurement outsourcing.

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Driving commerciality through customer satisfaction at Daily Mail


Nick Jenkinson [NJ], Head of Procurement at A&N Media (the B2C division of Daily Mail and General Trust) discusses procurement's changing proposition from process hungry ‘road-blockers’ to customer focused ‘Commercial Enablers’.

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Driving Fujitsu’s growth agenda: aligning business supply with business development


Andrew Croston (AC), Chief Procurement Officer (UK and Ireland) at Fujitsu discusses how building business-wide communication, collaboration and relationship strategies into the functions overall operations, procurement has been able to act as a true partner to finance, operations and business development teams – embedding itself into the very core of the business.

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A sure bet for better business at Ladbrokes


Clive Rees (CR), CPO of Ladbrokes (a leader in the global betting and gaming market) discusses the changing role of procurement in supporting mergers and acquisition (M&A), enhanced SRM and a much greater focus on understanding the overall business.

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ING Direct: Refocusing on the core - a CFO perspective


Feike Brouwers (FB), former Chief Financial Officer for ING Direct discusses his role in bringing the distressed UK business back afloat during the financial crisis, Barclay's acquisition of ING Direct and how cost management is a top priority for all involved in financial services.

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Translating the benefits of procurement for internal stakeholders at BP (part 2)


The first part of our interview with Andrew Collopy [AC], Global Procurement Director, Downstream at BP concluded with a discussion around communicating the benefits of procurement internally and reducing stakeholder scepticism. Part two continues the internal validation conversation plus looks at how procurement can breakaway from it's typecast as a tactical buyer.

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Pragmatic procurement at WPP (part 2)


In the first part of our interview Tom Kinnaird [TK], Head of Commercial and Procurement Service at WPP concluded with a lengthy discussion around talent management. We now delve deeper into the procurement life cycle, stakeholder engagement and being seen as a value adding operation.

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Pragmatic procurement at WPP (part 1)


Tom Kinnaird [TK], Head of Commercial and Procurement Service at WPP discusses how applying a pragmatic approach to procurement can achieve high levels of compliance and improve stakeholder engagement.

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Balancing cost reduction with future demand at Siemens


Dietmar Harteveld [DH], Director of Indirect Material for North West Europe at Siemens discusses how functional calibration and deep stakeholder engagement can help drive savings today and help understand where tomorrow’s value is really coming from.

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Procurement's impact on business performance according to Symington's


Sarah Bradley [SB], Purchasing Director at Symington's, discusses the key challenges for the Manufacturing Industry and Procurement's impact on Business Performance.

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Leveraging an innovative purchasing operation at LaFarge


Paul Harridine [PH] VP Purchasing for Europe at LaFarge discusses how an innovative Purchasing operation can deliver value, more than just savings, back to the end customers of the business.

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The strategic development of procurement: A view from Grant Thornton


Oliver Colling [OC], Head of Financial Management and Effectiveness at Grant Thornton discusses Procurement's journey, following the footsteps of Finance and HR, towards strategic business importance.

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Getting back to procurement basics at William Hill


Karen White [KW], Group Procurement Manager at William Hill talks about the need for procurement to get the fundamental basics right and communicate the business benefits better.

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Overcoming forecast uncertainty and volatility at Innocent Drinks


James Davenport [JD], Finance Director at Innocent Drinks discusses the challenges today's FD's face in light of increasingly volatile markets and procurement's role in alleviating some of that volatility.

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Translating the benefits of procurement for internal stakeholders at BP (part 1)


Andrew Collopy [AC], Global Procurement Director, Downstream at BP reflects back on the challenges associated with validating procurement's benefits to internal stakeholders.

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Achieving higher ROI with fewer people at AXA insurance


Stephen Wills [SW], Director of Group Procurement at AXA Insurance discusses how strategic business partnering allowed AXA to achieve more savings as a ROI year-on-year, while reducing absolute head count.

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Supply chain finance and procurement at Coca Cola


Frits Van Zijdervelt, VP of Finance, European Supply Chain at Coca Cola Enterprises, discusses the intertwined roles of procurement and the greater supply chain.

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Contracts, courage and change: Procurement as a leader


Tim Cummins (TC), President, International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) in a recent interview, discusses procurement’s role in proactively leading the charge towards the boardroom… and not waiting for a golden invitation.

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A finance perspective of procurement within pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca


An interview conducted with David Powell (DP), Senior Director of Global Finance Processes, AstraZeneca discusses how Procurement has gone from being the poor cousin, to a partner at the heart of business decision making within AstraZeneca.

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