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Leading businesses see procurement as a value, not a function

Procurement as a value, not a function

It’s not often that a story about new supply chain management software becomes a feature in a publication as respected as The Wall Street Journal. For that to happen, the deployment of said software has to represent something much more significant or herald a trend of highly compelling proportions.

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New way of looking at an old problem

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The European Food & Beverage Market is in a state of turmoil. Increasingly regular headlines are being published around deficiencies in quality standards and growing contamination cases. The reputation and financial damage of these headlines can be critical for any business operating in an already tumultuous industry (as discussed in my previous post).

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A moving feast for the Dutch Food & Beverage Market

Dutch food and beverage industry

For Dutch food and beverage (F&B) businesses, improving margins is a constant challenge and breaking out of the commodity trap is the name of the game.

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Industry Week: Auditing compliance - a heavy and expensive burden for Manufacturers

Proxima media mention; Industry Week

Proxima's Guy Strafford recently spoke to IndustryWeek to discuss the process around how audit services are bought and managed.

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Proxima success story: Clear proof - the bottle (UK)

When it came to reviewing the cost of manufacturing a bottle, Proxima took a Catalytic Approach. We looked beyond the contract itself to the entire context of what the bottle achieves for our client.

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"Waiter, is that pork in my moose lasagne?"


It’'s not my fault. It wasn’t me. Sound familiar? These are common excuses we’ve used since childhood. And while they may pass in many circumstances of private life, they don’t often fly in the corporate world. Pointing the finger usually doesn’t protect shareholder value nor avert corporate reputational damage.

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Proxima signs procurement services contract with CSM for management of third-party expenditure

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - 4 September 2012.  Proxima, a leading provider of end-to-end procurement services to global, blue-chip corporations, today announced that it has signed a strategic procurement services contract for third-party expenditure with CSM.

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Balancing cost reduction with future demand at Siemens


Dietmar Harteveld [DH], Director of Indirect Material for North West Europe at Siemens discusses how functional calibration and deep stakeholder engagement can help drive savings today and help understand where tomorrow’s value is really coming from.

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Procurement's impact on business performance according to Symington's


Sarah Bradley [SB], Purchasing Director at Symington's, discusses the key challenges for the Manufacturing Industry and Procurement's impact on Business Performance.

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