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Financial Times: BDO revenues rise above $7bn for first time

Financial Times: BDO revenues rise

The auditor BDO has seen larger revenues than ever before this year. The Financial Times discusses how Proxima's research into the UK audit market can explain this rise.

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Chief The ‘Celebrity’ of CEO salary

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Procurement Leaders: Does your function’s name hurt your influence?

Proxima media mention; Procurement Leaders

The debate around whether procurement is "toxic" rages on. Procurement Leaders discuss Guy Strafford's argument that procurement needs a re-brand

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Commitment Matters: Should procurement exist?


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Critical Eye: The curious double-act of CEO-CFO


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Huffington Post UK: New outsourcing destinations emerge as companies cut costs


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Redefining procurement series: Outsourcing


We are quickly approaching the end of our Redefining Procurement Series, with the final chapter focussing on Procurement Outsourcing. Today's post aims to set the scene for the subsequent posts in the final chapter.

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Redefining procurement series: Stakeholder communication (part 1)


My last post in the Redefining Procurement Series finished by stating that the key to being a great leader is understanding your stakeholders needs and drivers and adapting your approach and metrics to their unique needs. With this established, we now need to understand how procurement can (and should) engage with the various departmental stakeholders and forge close working relations.

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Where is the value in better management of GNFR for retailers?


Following on from my first post in the UK Retail Series (in which I asked how can UK retailers look to safe guard themselves over the coming 2 years?), I would now like to look a bit closer at the importance of the supply chain.

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Supply Management: Bank charges should face procurement’s scrutiny


The amount paid to bankers will continue to be a hot topic while we wait for more of the banks to report their 2010 results. But less time is spent on why investment banks in particular continue to be able to pay large bonuses, and the implications for UK and global plc.

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Direct v indirect procurement - market intelligence survey findings and whitepaper


The purpose of this research was to find out the perceived differences between the procurement of direct and indirect products and services. It has revealed some fascinating results for procurement professionals.

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CFO Europe: Change of fortune


Now can be the time to re-evaluate outsourcing contracts, writes Tim Burke

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