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The Digital Disconnect

An executive's guide to driving better commercial outcomes from digital marketing

The digitization of media has created a plethora of new opportunities for companies to better communicate, connect and deliver goods and services to the world. However, in this fast moving environment, how many are investing in the right digital tools and channels to support key business objectives?

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UK Audit Services

Key recommendations for your audit

Five key recommendations for maximizing your audit tender process

Prior to 2011, the average tenure of a FTSE100 audit firm was almost 50 years, with the majority of firms never having changed auditors in living memory, some being retained for over a century.

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Corporate virtualization

Proxima image; Corporate virtualization

A global study of cost externalization and its implications on profitability

Businesses around the world have been on a journey, whether deliberate or not, of cost externalization.  A significant portion of any business’ revenues are now being spent outside their own organization. What was once a salary, is now a supplier invoice.

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New rules for cost management


How 'corporate virtualization' is changing the game for Dutch businesses

Reducing non-labor costs could increase profits among Dutch AEX25 companies by billions of euros a year, a new report has uncovered.

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The £10 billion profit opportunity


How smarter cost management can help the FTSE 350 delight their shareholders

Business has changed. Since the last major recession, we’ve seen the rise of globalisation, the internet has become all-pervasive and assumptions about the strength of our financial systems and governments brutally undermined. Management teams can no longer rely on the tried and tested methods for working through a tough economy.

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Powering your business through procurement outsourcing


This whitepaper, which is the third and final whitepaper in the series, investigates outsourcing as a strategy to augment existing capability, enhance expertise and enable procurement to power your business.

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Why businesses struggle with indirect procurement


This whitepaper, the second in a series of three, examines why many businesses fail to drive maximum benefits and efficiencies out of their indirect expenditure.

Proxima, in conjunction with NelsonHall, ran a research study (involving 120 FTSE 100 CFOs and CPOs from UK, Europe and North America) to investigate the perceptions, attitudes and desired outcomes of Indirect Procurement to catalyse a common sense that procurement could and should play a greater role in most businesses.

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Retail's best kept secret


Achieving sustainable profit improvement through better management of GNFR costs

A major opportunity lays relatively unknown and under-exploited for many UK retailers - that is, sustainable profit improvement through better management of GNFR costs.

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Current perceptions of the indirect procurement function


Proxima conducted a research study, in association with NelsonHall, involving 120 CPOs and CFOs from global FTSE 100 businesses to understand the perceptions, attitudes and desired outcomes of Indirect Procurement within business today.

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Direct v indirect procurement - market intelligence survey findings and whitepaper


The purpose of this research was to find out the perceived differences between the procurement of direct and indirect products and services. It has revealed some fascinating results for procurement professionals.

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