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Role reversal: Apple drags down suppliers

Apple drags down suppliers

Quite often, we use this blog to discuss the increased reliance companies have on their global network of suppliers – the notion of corporate virtualization - and the importance of carefully managing suppliers and understanding their behavior and ethics. We have seen and written about many circumstances in which a supplier-related failure or business behavior has impacted a company’s reputation or bottom line. In many ways, company and supplier have become one, with the lines between the two increasingly blurred.

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Leading businesses see procurement as a value, not a function

Procurement as a value, not a function

It’s not often that a story about new supply chain management software becomes a feature in a publication as respected as The Wall Street Journal. For that to happen, the deployment of said software has to represent something much more significant or herald a trend of highly compelling proportions.

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Virtualized business: the interface between costs and customers

Making something out of nothing

There is a simple, but very powerful image circulating around social media this week, that really struck a chord with us. So much so, that we thought we would share it with you here:

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Is Microsoft its suppliers’ benevolent benefactor or dictator?

Microsoft and its suppliers

Last week, the technology giant Microsoft took a progressive stance with its supplier base, taking steps to ensure that the suppliers with whom it conducts business give their employees at least 15 days of paid leave each year. Sure there’s the questionable policy of corporate dictation (especially in the case of Microsoft, with its Samson and Goliath overtones). And, there’s the inevitable fine print: “this new benefits minimum will apply to suppliers with 50 or more employees in the United States. It will apply to their U.S. employees who have worked for them for more than nine months (1500 hours) and who perform substantial work for Microsoft.

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Mending a fragmented function. Colt Technology discuss how they repaired a disjointed procurement unit

Proxima image; Colt

Grahame Ball, Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer for Colt Technology Services Group, discusses the challenges behind re-building a fractured procurement function to support increasingly dynamic business demands.

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The alignment of the procurement function to the wider corporate aims: Vodafone's Stephen Day talks with Proxima

Proxima image; Vodafone logo

Stephen Day, Group Supply Chain Management Director – IT at Vodafone, and Proxima discuss the importance of procurement to the wider business strategy; and the pros and cons of outsourcing, particularly in the area of procurement outsourcing.

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Today's growth is fueled more by suppliers than internal staff

Supplier Management

Today's definition of what a 'company' is varies dramatically from person to person, business to business and country to country. However, we can all agree that a company is no longer made up of just its people, its offices and its factories.

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Driving Fujitsu’s growth agenda: aligning business supply with business development


Andrew Croston (AC), Chief Procurement Officer (UK and Ireland) at Fujitsu discusses how building business-wide communication, collaboration and relationship strategies into the functions overall operations, procurement has been able to act as a true partner to finance, operations and business development teams – embedding itself into the very core of the business.

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